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A quick sample from the fantastic band Heretique! Accordion Hurdy Gurdy and Bagpipes

The trio HeretiqueHÉRÉTIQUE make a sound that has variously been described as:


“Vibrant experimental music from the golden age of steam.”

“An ominous mixture of opulence and decadence.”

“A surrealist soiree in a 'fin de siècle' Parisian Bordello.”


Combining three desperately unfashionable instruments (Accordion, Bagpipes and Hurdy Gurdy) Hérétique create music that is deeply rooted in European folk dance traditions and simultaneously pushes the boundaries of contemporary composition. Above all, their infectious energy and rhythmic drive is guaranteed to get you on your feet.


'I think the music is gorgeous...'

Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio


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